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distractions from surrendering to what is



The new and the old

Will keep

My head from sinking low

It's easy


The new and the old

Will keep 

This blood from running cold

It's easy

Lie down and give your body to the ground





the balance of intimate relationships



This is the life

I want to stay with you

I know in time

You'll feel the same way too

It's a fine line

I know I can't go back I'm too awake

It's a fine line

This is how we get down





the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence



The greener grass, the hour glass, the roads traveled 

Highways to hell

Trapped in the past, the time you lack, the aging cells

These are the stories we tell

But you can have anything you want

Think about it

We can have anything we want

That's everything

Just not all at once

So why not dream?

Hold a pocket knife in your hands

And cut away at the seams

Watch the beads of your life 

Fall from the strands

Because you can have anything you want

Just not all at once





the evolution of modern thinking



At first there was a light, it shined in Greek

Illuminate the mind's eye so they could see

What they had to give away and what to keep

Heaven in the heart and mind this light would reap

And they followed its lead to the unknown

When you lay your body down 

And pass through sleep

Into dreams of vivid kind, walk your feet

The universe you travel wide, secrets keep

The heavy weight of space and time

Whisper you're free

So follow their lead to the unknown







Yes I'm ready to burn if it comes down to it

So if you ask me who is it I want to serve

I put my hands to the sky

What do they measure you by?

You got that look in your eye like yea you know it

But when they come for you will you still show it?

The blackness of the night never returns to light

Oh mama, will you take me, will you save me?

Oh dada, will you take me to the other place?





on emptiness


Brother can you tell you have this hole inside of you?

Wider than the sky, an ocean liner can't escape

But the beauty of it all is you can fill it up

With anything you want

And if you can with me I know you'll always be

A beauty with no end

And you'll be born again

Wake in the lake

Take what you need to take

Space out your fate

Make every mistake








Locked away inside of your heart

You feel it and you know

No one needs a sign

To go home

Locked away inside of your dreams 

You sit and sink below

Take a little time

Oh but you know if you try

That the whole world inside you lies

Oh but you know if you try

That the whole world can teach you to fly





living in imperfection



Is it right to stand up and fight

If you believe you shouldn't be starting something?

Or is wise to lay down and die

If you believe you shouldn't be starting something?

Oh the pain waiting for everything to change

Its' like living in the dark age

What's it going to take?

Is it right to open up your eyes

If what you see makes you feel like you're nothing?

Or is it wise to hold out all inside

If what you feel makes you feel like you're nothing?







A knower of truth travels without leaving a trace

Speaks without causing harm

Gives without keeping an account

The door he shuts though having no lock

Cannot be opened

The knot he ties, though using no cord

Cannot be undone

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